Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions regarding our services. If you would like more detailed answers, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Q. What size practices does Physician’s Billing Alternative serve?

A. Physician’s Billing Alternative serves practices ranging in size from hospital-based group practices to individual solo practices. No matter the size of your practice, Physician’s Billing Alternative’s team-based service approach insures you will experience the highest levels of customer service and support.

Q. Can you really save me money?

A. Absolutely. We have been able to increase profitability for most of our practices from 10% to 30%, along with stabilizing the entire billing process. This covers the entire cost of our services and saves you money on other billing related expenses such as employee salaries, paper products and forms, postage, software updates and maintenance

Q. Our practice is not located near Physician’s Billing Alternative; can you still provide services to us?

A. Yes. Physician’s Billing Alternative provides services to medical practices nationwide. This capability is largely due to Physician’s Billing Alternative’s powerful web based practice management system, which requires no more than standard high-speed internet access. This system, when combined with our unparalleled levels of customer service, makes Physician’s Billing Alternative your most powerful business partner, no matter where your practice is located.

Q: We are thinking of outsourcing our practice’s billing functions. If using Physician’s Billing Alternative, do we need to purchase software?

A. No. However, that does not mean that you will not have a practice management system. In fact, Physician’s Billing Alternative provides unlimited access to our state-of-the-art, Internet-based, practice management systems at no additional charge. This includes patient, financial, appointment scheduling, reporting, referral tracking and other modules. All you need is an Internet connection.

Q. How would the information from our practice be transferred to Physician’s Billing Alternative for billing purposes?

A. Physician’s Billing Alternative will work with your practice to tailor a simple and efficient solution to your specific needs. This includes the following:

B. Use of our world class Electronic Medical Records program.

C. Building an interface between your present software and our Practice Management System. (Physicians Billing Alternative absorbs all of this cost.)

D. Scanning of the information (Physicians Billing Alternative will provide the scanner at no cost to your practice.)

Q. Many billing companies outsource some of their functions overseas. Does Physician’s Billing Alternative?

A. No. Physician’s Billing Alternative’s policy is to never outsource any work overseas or elsewhere.

Q. Will I lose control of our practice finances if we utilize Physician’s Billing Alternative’s services?

A. Absolutely not. Physician’s Billing Alternative’s web-based system gives you complete access to patient and financial information in real time, 24 hours a day – keeping you in complete control.

Q. Where do the checks go?

A. Payments are always sent directly to your practice, or other location you have chosen, never to us. Be wary of billing companies that demand that the payments be sent to them. All we need is the original 'Explanation of Benefits' (or clear copies if you prefer) sent to us to properly credit the patient's account.

Q. How do you charge for medical billing services?

A. Our fees are based on a percentage of payments received during the prior month, and are all inclusive-there are no hidden or extra charges. This fee varies from practice to practice, depending on the specialty and size of the practice.

Q. Is Physician’s Billing Alternative HIPAA compliant?

A. Yes. All of Physician’s Billing Alternative’s services are HIPAA and OIG compliant, and are subject to our formal HIPAA and OIG Compliance Programs. Physician’s Billing Alternative is fully dedicated to compliance and continuing, compliance-related education.

Q. Where does a patient call with a billing question?

A. With a series of toll-free lines dedicated for patient calls that are answered as your billing office, Physician’s Billing Alternative will handle all patient billing inquiries for you in a polite and professional manner. The appropriate number will also appear on all patient bills.

Q. How do we get our financial reports?

A. Physician’s Billing Alternative provides financial reports in a variety of formats. All clients receive a custom-generated, printed, and bound set of End of Month reports. Clients can also easily generate, print and even export any reports at any time using our Internet-based practice management system. Of course, you can always get a report with a simple phone call to your Physician’s Billing Alternative Reimbursement Specialist. At Physician’s Billing Alternative we make sure you get the information you need when you need it.

Q. What kind of service can I expect?

A. As the leading medical billing firm in South Florida, you can expect Outstanding service! We take pride in our work and in our customer support. Our customer testimonials and references can and will attest to that.


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