Allscripts MyWay™ Electronic Health Record

Allscripts MyWay™ fully connects the clinical and business sides of a physician practice with a truly integrated electronic health record (EHR) system and physician practice management system (PM). Unified clinical and operational workflow, centralized patient data and automated medical billing tools allow practices to advance their financial health while delivering the highest-quality patient care outcomes.

Allscripts MyWay™ (Version 9.0) achieved Drummond Group certification (certification # 12082010-8725-1) and is recognized for its advanced e-prescribing and clinical data-sharing capabilities and ability to meet physician practices’ functionality, interoperability and security needs.

With Allscripts MyWay™, physician practices can best allocate resources and improve staff efficiency using workflow-based dashboards, paperless recordkeeping and sophisticated clinical decision support. Allscripts MyWay™ boosts patient safety, staff productivity, and physician and patient satisfaction.

For more information on the benefits of Allscripts MyWay™ EHR along with ZOOM PM, please view our presentation High Level Benefits of MyWay & PBA.

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