Why Outsource to PBA:

Did you know that outsourcing your billing can save your practice thousands of dollars annually and improve your cash flow? Practices lose thousands of dollars each year due to untimely filing and inexperienced staff. Our focus is to provide you with maximum reimbursement for your services by making sure that your insurance claims are billed correctly the first time. Our staff is an extension of your staff, and we will work together to achieve maximum reimbursement for you.

Utilizing our integrated solutions will allow you to save on overhead expenses such as employee salaries, taxes and benefits, monthly computer support and updates, postage, paper products and forms. You will not have to invest in expensive billing hardware and software, or have to train your staff every time there are software changes or updates. No longer will you have to worry about billing staff turnover.

Access to Greater Resources

For practices of any size, billing, system, and human resources are expensive and often difficult to maintain. Quite simply, most medical practices’ billing personnel do not have the experience, time, or resources to get the job done properly in house. From high level managers, to Certified Professional Coders, to billing system experts, to dedicated reimbursement specialists, PBA has greater staff experience, more powerful systems, and more overall aggregate resources at our disposal to help make sure we get you paid. Since billing and reimbursement is all we do, our specialists are focused – and solely dedicated to getting claims paid on your behalf without the distractions associated with in house billing.

Insurance payers have tremendous resources aimed at not paying you. Shouldn’t you be well equipped to defend yourself? With PBA, you have tremendous resources at your disposal.

Getting Started

Getting started with Physician’s Billing Alternative couldn’t be any easier. Physician’s Billing Alternative handles all aspects of system setup, documentation, Electronic Claims Transmissions, process coordination, and training for your practice, so you can move forward with a seamless transition. Our implementation staff will guide you through Physician’s Billing Alternative’s simple “step” program which helps provide our specialists with the information needed to setup the Physician’s Billing Alternative’s Practice Management system, which will be specifically customized for your practice.

This includes everything from electronic claims, to procedures, diagnois, fees, and follow-up parameters — even the specific colors you would like to see on the appointment scheduler. The implementation program also ensures that your practice’s preferences become policy before starting the actual billing process. Such preferences may include policies, which address bad-debt issues, small balances, credit cards, or missed visits. And if you don’t have a policy, we will create one for you with your approval.
 Regardless of the size or location of the practice, Physician’s Billing Alternative makes getting started a very simple, worry-free, and painless experience.

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